RiinaLaine-brushesWorld Champion Body painter Riina Laine has created a new body painting brush line with a well-known Finnish makeup brush brand Duroy. A-year-long developing process resulted in a set of 7 high quality brushes that have been praised by professional artists. The first sets were sent to Riina for The World Bodypainting Festival 2014 and they got into the true test at the competition, proving to be a winning set!



"They are FABULOUS!! I love them. I was raving about them to my students at the World Bodypainting Festival!"
Emma Cammack
International artist & Bodypainter, UK

"Luv them!!!"
Yvonne Zonnenberg
Body painting artist, The Netherlands

"I just wanted to let you know that your brushes really are amazing!! I am always very picky and have a crush for brushes. And being educated as an art teacher I really know what standards I look for. I absolutely love them. I am amazed by the way they loosen the paint and wash out the paint."
Liefi Olivier
Body painting artist, The Netherlands

Riina Laine by Duroy brushes are made of special fine synthetic hair that takes paint and releases it well. Blending with these brushes works like a charm and results in a nice clean painting. For that reason they are super easy to clean too, the colours wash off easily. Use a brush soap to clean the brushes.

The brushes have firm handles of painted wood and they are made in Germany.

There are 7 brushes for different uses. The high quality bristles are designed to fullfil professional body and face painters needs. 

Two round brushes are great for teardrops, swirls and details.
Three flat top brushes are good for graphic lines and shapes and perfect for splitcakes.
Small round chisel brush is perfect for natural shapes and blending.
Big body brush is for filling and blending large areas quickly for an amazing even base.

The Magic towel completes the Riina Laine by Duroy brush line. With the wet towel you can correct your little mistakes or wipe off the whole painting, with no soap needed. It's reusable and washable in the washing machine.

There is no more need for the packets of baby wipes!

Review of the brushes by Saara Sarvas (in Finnish)
Bodypainting ABC: Siveltimet - Riina Laine by Duroy


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Brush set

Product no.: 1100

This set has all the necessary tools for face and body painting! The set includes all 7 brushes from the Riina Laine by Duroy -brush line.


Riina Tongue 3

Product no.: 1070

Large chisel body brush. 37 mm wide.


Riina Tongue 2

Product no.: 1060

Small chisel brush. 14 mm wide.


Riina Flat Top 5

Product no.: 1050

Large flat brush.


Riina Flat Top 3

Product no.: 1040

Medium flat brush.


Riina Flat Top 2

Product no.: 1030

Small flat brush.


Riina Flame 3

Product no.: 1020

Bigger round brush for teardrops, swirls, twirls and lining. Perfect for body painting.


Riina Flame 2

Product no.: 1010

Basic round brush for teardrops, swirls, twirls and lining.